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What are virtual folders? What do they mean and how do they work?

There are 3 different virtual folders in your folder overview:

Adult: This folder contains all domains in your portfolio that our upstream feed provider currently considers to be adult related.
Blocked: This folder contains all domains that our main upstream feed provider does not wish to monetize. Reasons for this can include traffic quality, trademark issues or nature of the domain name. Don't worry though, these domains will still be monetized by our tier 2 ad providers as well as our direct advertiser base.
Deleted: This folder contains all domains that you deleted from your account.

So how does a virtual folder work:

A virtual folder is for your information only. Our philosophy is to be completely transparent with our customers and the virtual folder is part of this transparency system. Since a virtual folder is exactly this - virtual only - all domains are still accounted for in their original folders (either the default folder or any custom folder you might have moved them to). This also means that revenues that show in any virtual folder are also already accounted for in their original folder.

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