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My account is set up on but my domains are not showing up in my ParkingCrew account?

Step 1: Please check your CNAME configuration first.

Step 2: If it’s correct, the following solution might help you:

If you are currently set up with Above but no domains have yet been added to your ParkingCrew account, the most likely explanation is that Above has not sent us any traffic for these domains so our system has not been able to auto-add them to your account. This can only be done once we receive a unique visitor through a custom cname.

Have you enabled ParkingCrew in your Above rotation already?

Above is slow in picking up new providers. What we suggest is that you send all traffic to us for one week via Above (disable all other providers). That way, our system will have time to optimize the domains for you and when you switch the other providers back on, we should provide significantly improved performance.

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