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Change your IPs until 2014-12-20

Hi guys,

Our tech team has worked hard on optimizing our infrastructure over the last weeks and months and today we are happy to announce that our new solution is good to go.

Over the last months we have prepared to move ParkingCrew to a fresh network structure that gives us even faster connections and more flexibility in controlling and directing traffic.

In order to profit from this scalable and stable infrastructure we need you to change your domain settings and replace our old IP(s) with our new IP.

Domains that are affected in your portfolio can be found in your account:

1. Advanced Search: Click here
2. Under “Custom Search” check the checkbox “Move to IP”
3. Click "Submit" to identify domains still pointing to our old IP addresses
4. Export the list if needed

We tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible but would kindly ask you to double check the IP settings with your registrar(s) to make sure no domain gets left behind. We will update the list on a regular basis. The date in front of the check box refers to the date when our crawler last compiled the list, which point to our old IP(s).

In case you are using predefined registration templates at your registrar please remember to update these as well.

IMPORTANT: The old IP addresses will be shut down permanently. Domains that are still pointing to the old IP addresses after 2014-12-20 will not be monetized anymore!

Moving forward please use this IP:

Pointing your names directly to our name servers is the preferred method and makes sure your domains automatically point to any new IPs. If this is an option for you, please use:

Please get in touch with our support team in case you have any questions about this, we are happy to help wherever possible.

Thank you for using our service, you business means a lot to us!


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