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I use and don’t have ParkingCrew in the rotation yet, what should I do?

Traffic sent to Namedrive via Above will now be monetized by ParkingCrew. Users of should follow the steps below to add ParkingCrew to their rotation:

1. Claim your ParkingCrew Account if you don’t already have one
2. Log into your account
3. Select "Accounts"
4. Click "Add existing Parking Accounts"
5. Select „ParkingCrew“ as a service
6. Enter your ParkingCrew username
7. Switch redirection settings from default (DNS) to CName and enter YourCustomCName => (find your ParkingCrew Custom CName here)
8. Enter your API Key: APIKEY (Can be found here)
9. Click "Add Account" and all is set.

The Custom CName setup (point 6) will automatically resolve ownership reviews and automatically adds domains to your account.

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