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Why are there no ads or related links on my domains?

If you can see our landing page on your domain, but see no related links, then there is a high probability that you use an ad blocker. In case you use an ad blocker, please disable it and refresh the site. It should now display the related links or ads.

Also, please note that it can take a few minutes for name server changes to take place and show our landing pages on your domains.

If you don’t see our landing pages at all, it could be due to one or more of the following issues:

• Your domains are not pointed towards our name servers or our CNAME solution
• Our nameservers haven‘t processed your domains yet
• Your domain is blocked for advertising by our primary feed provider and has been set to one of our 2nd tier feeds
• You use private browsing (for example on Firefox) or add-ons like Ghostery

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