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Can I park my domains using a CNAME record?

While we strongly advise to park your domains using our name servers, it is possible to park using a custom CNAME record.

In your account settings, you will find your custom CNAME in the form of
Now point *.domainname.tld to the custom CNAME. This will make sure the domain gets automatically added to your ParkingCrew account.
To also redirect domain requests without a subdomain like www. it is also necessary to point the A record of the domain to the dedicated IP

Your zone should look like this:
domainname.tld IN A
*.domainname.tld IN CNAME <YourPersonalCNAME>
Your personal CNAME for each account can be found in your account settings

Using this setup may have the following side effects:
In case ParkingCrew is under (e.g. DDoS) attack, our automated system is not able to rotate your domains to infrastructure that is not under attack, like it would if the domains were parked using our nameservers. This might mean: Your domain monetization might take longer to recover from an attack and you might have to change the IP address for all your domains.

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