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Blocked & Adult Check

This function allows you to check the upstream feed provider adult and blocked status of up to 50 domains per day.
Please note:

1. If your domain is already parked with us, the adult and blocked status are indicated by little symbols next to the domain (if applicable). The minus symbol indicate block status and the heart symbol adult status.

2. The "adult date" and "blocked date" shows the date when ParkingCrew first caught the adult or blocked status of the corresponding domain; the date does not reflect when the upstream feed provider set the status.

Steps to check:

1) Login to your ParkingCrew Account.

2) Go to Advanced Search.

3) Go to Blocked & Adult Check.

4) Now you can enter the domain(s) you want to check. You can submit up to 50 names at a time, separated by a line-break to check in bulk.

After you submitted the domain(s) for a check the current status is displayed.

If a domain is blocked by our Tier1 provider, it displays a yes under the blocked column.

If a domain is classed as adult, it displays a yes under the adult column.

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