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Have all my names and settings been transferred from Namedrive to ParkingCrew?

While we have done our very best to ensure that all names and settings have been correctly migrated, we strongly advise you to check that all of your names have been listed correctly.

Existing ParkingCrew Clients:

In order to provide you with a clear overview of which names have been added, all names moved from Namedrive, that previously were not listed in your ParkingCrew account, have been placed in a folder named “Namedrive Migration”. Please note that checking the stats of this folder alone will not necessarily reflect your entire Namedrive portfolio performance as this folder does not contain any names that were already listed at ParkingCrew.

New ParkingCrew Clients:

For your convenience, personalized folders (portfolios) from your Namedrive account have been exported to your ParkingCrew account.

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